Beaming Kids classes use stories, games, music, dance, singing, positive affirmations, colour therapy and art to create a playful connection to the inner self and the natural world.

We teach children good body posture, stretching and strengthening exercises, effective breathing, positive thinking and relaxation.
Children help co-create fun, non-competitive classes and use postures as a launch pad for exploration.
Our classes encourage harmonious personal relationships with others and the realization of self.
Classes are divided into 3-6 year olds (30min) and 7-12 year olds (45min).
The younger group learns through interacting with their environment with emphasis on creativity and spontaneous play. It’s an excellent activity for gross motor development and total body awareness.
The older group benefits from experiences that help them cooperate with others. They improve gross motor skills and take on challenges in strength, agility and endurance. Yoga provides a safe haven for them to feel successful, calm and supported.

What our classes can do for your child

  • ♥  Improve low muscle tone, increase flexibility, strength and co-ordination

    ♥  Improve low self esteem, increase self worth and build confidence

    ♥  Improve focus and concentration

    ♥  Alleviate aches and pains

    ♥  Assist in sleep difficulties

    ♥  Help with depression and anxiety

    ♥  Balance energy levels

    ♥  Assist with ADD and ADHD

    ♥  Encourage love for oneself and acceptance of others

    ♥  Develop personal responsibility and self-discipline

    ♥  Helps find inner peace

    ♥  Enhances creativity and imagination

What happens in our classes?

We follow a syllabus to ensure we cover everything in the prefect time space sequence. Our teachers are flexible with lesson plans and work with the energy of the class in the most constructive and positive ways possible.
Values, anatomy, mind power, visualization, colour therapy, sensory integration and listening to your body are incorporated in every term. We celebrate holidays and world events and include seasonal change, environmental awareness, charity, birthdays and any other ideas the kids come up with. Our classes are educational, enriching, enlightening and inspiring.

Beaming Kids School of Yoga

YOGA IS NOT RELIGIOUS – we have taken out any references to Hinduism or Sanskrit from our program. “In July 2013 a San Diego Superior Court judge rejected a claim by parents that teaching yoga at a school is an improper attempt at religious indoctrination. The ruling meant the school could continue teaching yoga as part of its health and exercise curriculum.”

About the teacher

Jani Steyn

Creativity, discipline, enthusiasm. An all-encompassing love for wellness and health. These are the qualities that leap out at you when meeting Jani Steyn, a yoga teacher, graphic design artist and photographer. She’s been involved in anything yoga since she was 16 and became qualified by doing her 200 hour certificate in kids and adult yoga through Beaming Kids Yoga and the Moya Institute respectively in 2012/2013. Since then she has run Beaming Kids School of Yoga in Cape Town and also been working for an International NGO, YogaStars, where she teaches Kids Yoga in Educare Centres and Primary Schools in and around Cape Town.

She teaches at The Source in Constantia, The New Muizenberg School and Cittashanti in Kommetjie for Beaming Kids School of Yoga.

Experienced in forms such as Kundalini, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, her chosen style is Vinyasa flow and Restorative yoga.

Jani is a vibrant and creative artist dedicated to sharing a space of support, love and intuitive development with children. Jani facilitates creative growth in children and enriches their lives through Yoga, Art, Positive Affirmations and establishing a connection to every living thing.

Contact Jani via email at