Massaging a woman in labour has in Anne’s experience been one of the best methods to ease the discomforts, giving emotional support through a nurturing touch.

Doulas will learn how to massage a mother to be from around 36 weeks onwards with various techniques. One part of the course teaches the Western Approach to Pregnancy Massage, such as which oils are safe to use during late pregnancy and birth. Which muscles and body parts are affected and what techniques work well during different stages of labour..

The second part of the course goes into the Chinese Medicine approach to Pregnancy and Birth, including accupressure points and meridians that support the mother and the baby in the birth preparation process, as well as birth itself.

Anne focuses a lot on practical work, so the students will work on each other, and Anne will work on them, so they get to feel what it is like.

Various working positions will be explored and the right application of body mechanics for the doulas, so that they don”t strain themselves.

The duration is 3 full days, from 9am-4pm.
Course dates 27/28/29 May from 9am till 4pm
Course location  Honoured Birth premises in Noordhoek
Cost R 3100 ( installment payment possible )

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1About Anne:

Anne is a Shiatsu and Massage therapist for the last 13 years and has been working with mothers for the last 7 years. She did her training and qualification process in England and Germany. She is a Doula and Antenatal Teacher as well as a Baby Massage Instructor. She is fascinated with the human body and pregnancy and has found that bodywork during pregnancy brings huge benefits to mother and baby. And it is a wonderful comfort measure during birth. She wants to support mothers in connecting well to their bodies and babies, building a trusting relationship with their bodies. Therefore being more in tune with their innate wisdom of how to birth their babies.