VanessaHi, my name is Vanessa and I am honoured to share this space with you and to support you on your journey! I am a doula, yoga teacher, soul connection therapist, antenatal educator and a life energy practitioner. Teaching pregnancy yoga opened the doorway for me and I completely fell in love with these beautiful mamas and their precious little babies that they are carrying.

It is the greatest gift for me to be able to help and support parents on the journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Here at Honoured Birth we not only aim to provide you with all the information you need to make empowered decisions but we also want to offer a space to share and process this important time of your life.

The soul connection work has taken labour support to a new dimension. By connecting parents before and of course during labour on a soul level with their unborn child deepens their connection to each other and allows the baby to be born into a loving and supportive environment. The Soul Connection gives parents the opportunity to bond and connect with their babies pre labour, to access the babies and their own highest wisdom and to develop trust in themselves and to the process of birth. Soul connection sessions deepen your level of understanding for yourself by bringing ‘shadows’ that are held in our subconscious mind into our conscious mind where we can work with and through them, which will lead to personal growth and a sense of loving acceptance for oneself.

Here is what other people say about me:

Vanessa has the soft, gentle heart of an Earth Mother. As the nurturer and the carer, Vanessa creates safe, patient space in which the souls of unborn babies are comfortable enough to show themselves freely. She provides a place of deep love and nourishment for her clients.
From Robyn

Vanessa offers a safe space to surrender softly into a space of breath, Self and Soul. Her gentleness, openness and softness create a cozy nourishing womb to let go. Let go of tension, resistance and defense. Melt like Butter. Carried on a cloud- Held by the breath of all softness. All into love.
From Shafeeka

Vanessa is deeply spiritual and holds the journey, the awakening of the people with whom she works with deep love, gentleness and care. She brings a sense of the sacred into her work and into her life. She is heartfelt and deeply nurturing . She honours each process and allows each to unfold in its own mysterious way.
From Lisa

Thank you for your time and I am so much looking forward to meeting you!